Alyssa H.’s Experience with IV Sedation

Alyssa wanted to share her experience on her personal facebook. When Dr. Rollingson saw her facebook he asked her permission to put her comments on his web page because he thought that Alyssa’s experience was fairly typical of an average sedation, and that may help other patients know what to expect when they have to go through a similar experience. Dr. Rollingson has asked that we leave Alyssa’s comment unedited, so you are seeing what Alyssa wrote to her friends about her experience.

alyssa_sed1“This was right before they gave me the IV to put me to sleep. I was nervous, as you can see i was more scared of the needle than anything else… but it didn’t even hurt and the next thing I knew I woke up in the truck with you headed home.”

“It’s really not as bad as you think. I was so freaked before it started… They put the IV in my arm and he was like “okay alyssa, youre going to feel lightheaded in a second…” and then everything started spinning and apparently i said “Mama! Mama im scared!!” to my mom. LOL. I don’t even remember that. Next thing I know I woke up at home. Sweet. And the pain isn’t even that bad. The worst part was waiting for the meds. to wear off because yesterday I could hardly even walk and kept crashing into walls and stuff. Apparently I was awake in this photo. He told me to smile and give a thumbs up, but thats the best I could do.”

alyssa_sed2Dr. Rollingson wanted to emphasize that patients are considered impaired for 24 hours following IV Sedation but that he feels the “crashing into walls and stuff” does not occur in every patient. He encourages all patients to rest following the surgery and added that the 24 hours of impairment is significant because it helps to cope with the worst phase of the healing process.