Endodontics, or root canal treatment, is an excellent option for saving even teeth that have suffered severe damage to the roots.

The endodontic procedure clears out decay deep down into the root, replacing it with dental filling material, and allowing you to keep teeth that could not otherwise be saved. By saving the tooth root, we can prevent tooth loss and subsequent damage such as shifting of the remaining teeth, and osseointegration (damage to the jaw bone).

The endodontic therapy (root canal) procedure
The first step in endodontic therapy is to remove the damaged and decayed portions of the tooth. In many cases, it may be necessary to remove most of the tooth material. As long there is enough undamaged tooth root to serve as an anchor, the tooth can be repaired.

Once the diseased tooth pulp is removed, we will carefully clean and disinfect the remaining tooth, then apply a chemical sealant to ensure that the area is not infected again. We will then fill the tooth with a dental cement to reinforce the tooth.

Finally, we will create a sturdy and natural looking porcelain crown over the damaged tooth. Securely fitted to the repaired and sealed tooth root, your new porcelain crown will function and look just like a natural tooth.

Our Porcelain Crowns page provides more detail on the procedures and materials involved in this step.