replacing fillings

Old metal amalgam fillings can, over time, break, crack, and otherwise damage your teeth. Many of our patients also have issues with the unsightly appearance of their amalgam fillings.

For these patients, we offer the option of replacing some or all of their existing amalgam fillings with safe, long-lasting, tooth colored fillings.

Replacing fillings
The process for replacing fillings takes place in two steps—first, we will carefully remove all existing filling material from your teeth and clean your teeth to accommodate your new fillings. Once this is complete, we will refill your cavities using a strong, durable dental polymer, cured and hardened using a bright white light.

Depending on the number of fillings and the difficulty of removal, a complete filling replacement may take place over one or several visits.

Tooth colored filling material

The tooth colored filling material we use is a specially formulated dental composite designed to look and function like natural tooth material. When applied, this material is a soft, putty-like consistency, allowing us to precisely fill in your cavities and gently mold a natural looking shape to your filling.

Once we have shaped the tooth completely, we will apply a specially calibrated light to harden and cure the newly repaired tooth. Finally, we will make any necessary adjustments to the size and shape of your tooth, and then polish the completed filling to create a smooth new surface.

Your consultation
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